The easy, efficient way to organize your staff schedules and assignment planning
  Time Is Money . . . Better Staff Scheduling has a direct payoff to your firm
ProStaff Resource Planning System
  • A leader in resource planning solutions.
  • Provides service firms a robust tool to efficiently manage their
    staffing resources.
  • Simple browser access makes ProStaff easy to learn and use.
  • Integrates with popular Practice Management software such as
    CCH®, Thomson Reuters®, Deltek®, Microsoft Dynamics®,
    Star®, and others.
  • Presents management with critical information to make better
  • Improves staffing communication.
Improved Strategy Execution
  • Streamline the resource planning process.
  • Gain insight on staff utilization for hiring decisions.
  • More effective training and development feedback.
  • Increased collaboration for more efficient scheduling.
  • Connect scheduling with skills development and staff
    chargeable goals.
Direct Bottom-Line Payoff
  • Increased Utilization – Leads to an Increase in Revenue.
  • Increased Productivity – Leads to a Reduction in Cost.
  • Improved Retention – Leads to a Decline in Turnover.
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