Project Budgeting


  • Track multiple budgets per client.
  • Create budgets from previous year's actual hours, previous year's budgets, or previous year's schedules.
  • Ability to roll up budgeted time by service category or service codes.
  • Easily schedule all jobs directly from the budgeted time.
  • Online views of budgets by level and service code to ensure job is leveraged effectively.
  • Analytical reporting to manage all engagement budgets.
  • Advanced security settings to designate different access rights to users.

Client Schedule

"We have been using ProStaff for almost 10 months now and it has been a great change! We went from using a DOS based system to ProStaff and the transition was easy with very few complications. It has made scheduling for the firm much more organized and manageable.

The support has also been amazing! They are very fast to respond, answer any questions I have, and have a great attitude every time I talk to them."

Project Budgeting
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