Data Link

ProStaff’s data link imports data from your Practice Management software. The data syncing frequency is customizable and completely automated. Therefore, you are able to schedule new staff and clients immediately. Additionally, you are able to accurately monitor and track actual time against budgeted or scheduled time with the most current information.

Data Link Items

The following are examples of data elements that we import from Practice Management into ProStaff.

- Staff Information

  • Basic demographic data such as staff name, staff number, address, etc.
  • Organizational data such as staff level, department, team, office and region.
  • Staff bill rates – we pull in a maximum of 6 bill rates; staff cost rate can also be imported if available.
  • Projects can also be imported along with the management team for each project.

- Client Information

  • Basic demographic data such as client number, engagement code, client name, client sort name (abbreviated name), address, etc.
  • Ancillary data can also be imported such as, client industry, SIC, type of work and entity.
  • Management team i.e. the staff responsible on the client such as a Billing Partner.

- Actual Hours

  • Actual time is imported from the WIP table.
  • Staff name, client name, start and end dates, number of hours, service code, billing code and project code are imported for each timesheet record.

We provide the flexibility for you to exclude or suppress any of the data that is imported e.g. exclude Administration for staff import, exclude tax engagements for client import or exclude certain billing codes for actual hours import. Also, we can customize the data link to import any other tables or fields that are not mentioned above.

Outlook Sync

  • ProStaff’s Sync for Microsoft Outlook® allows you to use Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 effectively while scheduling with ProStaff.
  • Tasks are automatically added to a user’s calendar when he/she is assigned to a project.

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