ProStaff Business Care

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A ProStaff Business Care support plan adds value to your organization by helping reduce the resources, effort, time invested, and cost of your ProStaff Suite. We help you understand how the ProStaff Solution improves your firm’s efficiency. Our team is committed to ensuring that you learn from every interaction with us. With ProStaff, you receive professional assistance when you need it. We aspire to answer all of your questions in a prompt and timely fashion.

Client Portal

If your company is not yet a member of the ProStaff Business Care program, you can complete our convenient online information request form and ask that more information be sent to you by email. Once you are admitted to ProStaff’s Client Portal, you'll be able to use all the services that are appropriate for your ProStaff module(s).

Customer Care

For help with all of your ProStaff needs, contact our Support department by phone at (312) 499-0001 or through our contact form. Our expert support personnel are available to assist you.

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