Audit Scheduling

    Audit Scheduling
  • Automatic link to Practice Management systems and other legacy databases.
  • Real time synchronization of schedules to Outlook calendars.
  • Full staff scheduling capabilities including batch editing and batch scheduling.
  • Engagement and staff budgets.
  • Online staff availability with skills search.
  • Conflict tracking and staff level requirements scheduling.
  • Comprehensive reports library.

Tax / Task Scheduling

  • Transform the paper “Pool Returns” to an “Online Pool” for better management.
  • Full tracking and scheduling of returns with ability to see full capacity and workload.
  • Full display of all unassigned returns with ability to drag to available staff and assign immediately.
  • Automatically distribute preparer/reviewer/partner time for each return by setting up proportion of time by percentage of total hours.
  • Management can easily keep track of all the returns for their clients to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Staff can manage the returns assigned to them, update status of all the returns, and update notes for each return.

Tax / Task Scheduling
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